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sabato 20 agosto 2011


Going to Saks so was exciting!!!
I 've heard of this 'shopping temple' for years on tv, in movies, in magazines and while I was going through the gates of paradise ...I just couldn't stop smiling!!! I think the security guy must have thought I was a fool or something!!!
Anyway,... I could have spent AN ENTIRE DAY just on the first floor alone: all those makeup brands, handsbags, accessorizes,...undescribable. While I was passing by all those counters I felt like Alice In Wonderland!
This first counter I stopped at was Chanel.....wow that was THE counter! I think it had every single product Chanel has in it's cosmetics line. Infact I had to ask help from the makeup artist cos I was feeling pretty lost!!! I immediately asked for the infamous Bronze Universel and thanks god she had it!!!!!! It was one of the makeup items I wanted to get most in my NYC trip.


I'm so happy I got this product--- geez everyone on youtube has it and sware by it so I was so curious to give it a try.
While I was waiting for the lady to get the Bronze Universel for me (those long moments that seems never ending hours!!!) my attention was caught by the new collection items and I was drawn towards the Peridot nail varnish, absolutely to die for!!!


After Chanel I continued my adventure in Wonderland and stopped at the Clarisonic counter--- did you know there's a Clarisonic counter in Saks???!!! I DID NOT!!!! In fact I had in mind to get the Clarisonic at Sephora but since it was already there I just went for it.


When I got home, the first box I opened was the Clarisonic cos I was so eager to charge it and use it. A full review will be coming soon ;)
After the beauty department we went upstairs to check out the clothes, but I didn't get anything cos evreything was veeery very expensive.
Anyway be sure to come back soon---you think the NYC SUPER HAUL in over? Not even close!!!!!!!

Ciao bellissime!!!! Questi sono i prodotti che ho comprato a Saks, il famigerato negozio sulla 5th avenue. Entrare lì dentro è stato davvero emozionante, quante volte l'abbiamo sentito nominare in tv, nei film, sulle riviste,..ed è tutto vero!!! Il pian terreno è un tempio della cosmetica, tutte le marche del mondo sono lì, ma anche delle borse come LV e Gucci......ahhhh per fortuna che non abito a NY!!!!!
Bè come avete visto dalle foto (finalmente ho trovato un modo per avere immagini belle grandi!) ho comprato il super famoso Bronze Universel, lo smalto ad edizione limitata Peridot e la Clarisonic. Non sapete quanto ho cercato di acquistare la Clarisonic online dall'Italia, ma sembra impossibile averla fuori dall'America. Appena rientrata a casa l'ho messa subito a caricare perchè avevo tanta voglia di usarla!!!!!! Presto la review ;)

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  1. i just bought the same polish. i love it :-) one coat is really opaque. i was surprised.
    great haul :-)