whoever said money doesn't buy happiness obviously didn't know where to shop!

sabato 24 dicembre 2016

You can never go wrong with black. And you can never go wrong with pink!!! 🖤💖🖤💖 I ended up selling my Chanel boy wallet because it was not sparking joy anymore, and I replaced it with this YSL compact wallet which fits perfect in my smaller bags and is a great pop of color in my big ones! Love 😍

sabato 17 dicembre 2016

Just finished filming a video in which I ramble about many things including this new love of mine 😍😍😍 

venerdì 16 dicembre 2016

sabato 10 dicembre 2016

venerdì 9 dicembre 2016

giovedì 8 dicembre 2016

Writing Christmas cards and admiring the tree my mama did... and eating a chocolate chip cookie 🍪 in between!!! 

My very first MeMe London stack!!! I didn't color coordinate the bracelets, just picked the charms I liked, and they look so cool altogether!!! Will definitely get more 😜

sabato 3 dicembre 2016

First day of Christmas shopping! Got some presents 🎁 then off to the movies to watch Sully.