whoever said money doesn't buy happiness obviously didn't know where to shop!

mercoledì 28 settembre 2016

Nothing like starting a new book 📚 it's like starting a new adventure! I have a feeling this one is going to be a challenge, and I love challenges! #currentlyreading 

Loving my 🦄 @milkywaycases 😍 definitely worth the wait!!! Btw selfies in the bathroom at work can be stressful, always afraid of getting busted!!! 

martedì 27 settembre 2016

To each season it's own bag. For me Autumn calls for my #louisvuittonspeedy 35 🍂🍁 I was thinking of selling it and getting a 30, but then when I pack all my junk I realize that I can't go smaller!!! I could but the bag would be super stuffed and I'd loose the slouch...and I'm ALL for the slouch!!! 

sabato 24 settembre 2016

Last night 🙃 not sure if I did a good job with my makeup or if the #iphone7plus camera makes my skin extra smooth!!! #nofilter Top #zara bag #chanelboy 

martedì 13 settembre 2016