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sabato 30 luglio 2011


Hi girls!!!!!! FINALLY yesterday was my last day at work and my summer holiday shall begin!!!!! Ahead of me are 2 weeks of pure fun and relaxation. Oh and I forgot... my trip to NYC!!!!!!! I am so freaking excited, head over heels, I just can't wait *happy dance*
We are leaving tuesday at 2:00 am which means everything must be ready by monday. Today's just saturday but I thought of doing one very important thing----- makeup bag test packing!!!! Here are the results:
Ciao ragasseee!!!!!! Finalmente ieri era il mio ultimo giorno di lavoro e da oggi sono ufficialmente in FERIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Avanti a me si prospettano 2 settimane di divertimento e relax. Ah e poi dimenticavo: il mio viaggetto a NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Non sto nella pelle dall'eccitazione, la felicità è indescrivibile, insomma non vedo l'ora :D
Partiamo martedì alle 2:00 del mattino, il che significa che tutto deve essere pronto per lunedì. Oggi è solo sabato ma ho pensato di fare una cosa importantissima: la prova makeup bag!!!
Ecco i risultati:
And the winners are:
# Chanel Vitalumière Aqua foundation
# MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural
# Lancome concealer
# NARS blush in 'Madly'
# Illamasqua blush in 'Excite'
# Chanel 'Mistic Eye' quad
# Urban Decay 'Backed' e/s
# MAC 'Play on plums' Mineralize e/s
# Maybelline 'One By One' mascara
# Giorgio Armani black e/p
# L'Orèal liquid eyeliner
# Dior Addict Lipstick 'Icone' 681
# Dior Rouge Lipstick 'Mauve Mystère' 786
# Dior Addict ultra-gloss 'Flash' 686
As for the brushes (which obviously don't fit in that teeny tiny bag!) I thought of bringing:
E per quanto riguarda i pennelli (che ovviamente non entrano in quella pochette minuscola!) ho pensato di portare:
# Sigma 'Large Powder' F20
#MAC 116
#Sigma 'Flat Top Kabuki' F80
#MAC 239
# Sigma E25 (x2)
# NYX B12
..........so do you think I took enough to survive???!!!
......allora ho portato il necessario secondo voi???!!!

giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Book review: Jane by April Lindner

I know, I know,….it’s taking me more and more time to finish a book. Things have been crazy at work and I do admit that in my spare time I rather watch videos on youtube to get distracted :) so…. here I am!!! Well, Jane was a book I was eager to start since I got it. I love the cover with its pink title, so cute. The story is nice, light, definitely an easy read. I felt for the main character, Jane, a simple and ordinary girl any of us could identify with. I admired her: she’s strong, she has good values, she never compromises and all she ever wants is to be loved. In my opinion Ms. Lindner is a good writer, the pages flow easily and the reader is quickly captivated. There were some parts, though, that I didn’t quite like: I thought that the ‘falling in love’ part was too rushed, too surreal. Ok it’s fiction, but having a rockstar and a nanny madly fall in love with each other after only 3 days was a bit too much!!!!!!!!!! Besides that, the rest of the story was ok. As I said it was a light reading, so don’t expect much depth or introspection. I rate Jane 3/5 and will definitely read other books by this author. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

giovedì 7 luglio 2011

Review: Garnier Caffeine Roll-On

Just a quick post on my thoughts about the Garnièr Caffeine Roll-On. I bought this product about 2 months ago merely out of curiosity. I had seen a few videos of MakeupByTiffanyD in which she was raving about it so when I saw it on the shelves of my local beauty supply store I decided to give it a try. Keep in mind that I DO NOT suffer from dark circles under my eyes--- just a slight discoloration in my inner corner but nothing more than that. Since the day I bought it I’ve been using it almost everyday instead of my YSL Touch Eclat. The thing I love most about it is actually the roller…….I looooooove the cold sensation I get when it touches my skin!!!!!! Ideal when you’re putting makeup at 6:30am because it really wakes you up!!!!!!!!! The Garnièr Caffeine Roll-On evens the skin colour under my eyes and it brightens the area. It stays put through out the day (even without setting it with a powder) and I feel it also helps in preventing my under eyeliner from bleeding. If you do suffer from under eye dark circles I honestly do not recommend this product: it is not a concealer/corrector and it does not give strong coverage. But if, like me, you just want something to even out your under eye skin, brightening it up, then I think this is a product you must try out! Un breve post per condividere con voi la mia opinione sul Garnièr Caffeine Roll-On. Ho acquistato questo prodotto un paio di mesi fa solo ed esclusivamente per curiosità. Avevo visto alcuni video di MakeupByTiffanyD in cui lei era entusiasta di questo prodotto e quindi quando l’ho visto sugli scaffali della profumeria decisi che lo dovevo provare. Premessa importantissima: io non soffro di occhiaie o borse sotto gli occhi---solo un po’ di ombra nell’angolo interno degli occhi, ma nulla di più. Insomma, dal giorno in cui l’ho comprato, ho usato il Garnièr Caffeine Roll-On praticamente tutte le mattine, prima del fondotinta, al posto del YSL Touch Eclat. La cosa che più ADORO è proprio il roller: è FREDDISSIMO!!!!!!!!!!! Ideale se come me ti trucchi alle 6:30 del mattino ed hai bisogno di una bella svegliata!!!!!!!!!!! Mi piace come uniforma il colore della pelle conferendo luminosità. Dura tutto il giorno (anche senza fissarlo con una cipria) e, non so come, evita all’eyeliner inferiore di sbafare. Se, invece, soffri di borse ed occhiaie non credo questo prodotto sia l’ideale, anzi lo sconsiglio proprio. Il Garnièr Caffeine Roll-On non è un correttore e quindi non ha grande coprenza. Per contro se, come me, hai solo bisogno di un prodotto che uniforma e conferisce luminosità sotto gli occhi allora ti consiglio di dargli una chance! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

I've got mail :)

I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!

The MUFE 12 Flash Color Case goes straight up my NYC shopping list!!!