whoever said money doesn't buy happiness obviously didn't know where to shop!

giovedì 31 dicembre 2015

Monochrome ⚫️🔘 I swear even my underwear is black!!! 😂😂😂 

mercoledì 30 dicembre 2015

Loving @urbandecaycosmetics x Gwen Stefani palette 👍🏼 the eyeshadows are a joy to work with!!! 

martedì 22 dicembre 2015

martedì 15 dicembre 2015

Wearing my OTK boots today from Public Desire and feeling extra glam 💖😊💖 

sabato 12 dicembre 2015

Good morning from my makeupless face and my new unicorn sweater 🦄  got it from a website called Batoko and wished I got a size smaller because it runs a little big. Still, I love it! AND I managed to snatch it for 75% off on Black Friday weekend so....it doesn't get any better!!!

Have a great day! 

giovedì 26 novembre 2015

Good morning 😶 it's way too early for a smile! Wearing Mac's Soar lipliner and Mehr lipstick, love it!!! #lipcombo 

martedì 24 novembre 2015

sabato 21 novembre 2015

mercoledì 11 novembre 2015

lunedì 2 novembre 2015

🍁autumn edit🍁 #louisvuittonspeedy35 #louisvuittondenimscarf #hellokitty #bagoftheday 

sabato 31 ottobre 2015

Happy halloween!!! 🎃 Hat #zara blazer/coat #zara scarf #louisvuittondenimscarf jeans #topshop boots #uggs bag #louisvuittonevaclutch 

lunedì 19 ottobre 2015

sabato 17 ottobre 2015

Guess what?! I'm at the mall and didn't buy ANYTHING!!!! Saving for next month's splurge 😄 have a great weekend!!! Jacket #muubaa shirt #zara jeans #topshop shoes #adidas #stansmith bag #chanelboy sunnies #celinenewaudrey

💄1993 #urbandecay 

martedì 13 ottobre 2015

I always go overboard with the Bokeh app! Place of honor for the Boy 🙌🏼👑 #chanelboy #obsessed 

venerdì 9 ottobre 2015

New reading. New face. Best way to start the weekend!!! 🙆🏻

Vampy Friday!!! I'm really looking forward to read Stephenie Meyer's new book released for Twilight's 10th anniversary, called Life And Death 🙆🏻 Btw I'm wearing Nars Liv lipstick and I love it!!! #theexcitementisreal #tgif 

mercoledì 7 ottobre 2015

Oh well, I just NEEDED a new pair of sunnies for autumn!!! #celinenewaudrey 

If autumn was a lipstick it would be Chanel's 109 Rouge Noir 😍 so fab! #nofilter #iloveautumn 

sabato 3 ottobre 2015

Just finished filming a tutorial on my go to makeup for work 💁🏻 can someone please come edit the footage for me now?!?! #nofilter 

venerdì 2 ottobre 2015

martedì 29 settembre 2015

Wearing your name necklace and pretending a little to be Carrie 🙋🏻 denim shirt #zara mac smoked purple lipstick with nyx espresso lipliner 💄 #feelinggoth 

giovedì 24 settembre 2015

Shopping in Zara and found the hat I wanted!!! 🎉🎉🎉✌🏼️😎✌🏼 #loveautumn shirt #Zara leggings #asos boots #chloésusanna 

martedì 22 settembre 2015

Lip of the day: Dior's Earth lip liner and Chanel's Boy lipstick. Love this combo! ...although I know it won't last long cos it's a very shiny and glossy formulation.  #chanelboylipstick #lipoftheday 

lunedì 21 settembre 2015

Was looking through some pictures of my London holiday and found this shot of one of the rooms at Le Meridien hotel, where we stayed. Can you imagine having a party in there?! Très très chic!!! 💖 #missinglondon 

sabato 19 settembre 2015

Checking out stuff at H&M, saw some nice pieces. Have a great weekend my loves!!! 

venerdì 11 settembre 2015

venerdì 4 settembre 2015

Been wanting to read this for a while and when @brogantatexo mentioned it in her fave video I decided to get it! 

sabato 22 agosto 2015

Getting my nails done, but first a little selfie session with my Boy!!!! ✌🏼😄✌🏼 #chanelboy 

venerdì 21 agosto 2015

Ladies, I give you my BOY!!!!! Filming a video reveal tomorrow with all my ramblings but in the meantime I couldn't resist sharing my happiness with you 😊 I still cannot believe he's mine!!! 😍😍😍 #chanelboy #feelingspendy  

Holiday's over 😓 but now it's time to unwrap the purchases!!! Excited ✌🏼️😊✌🏼🎉💖🔝

mercoledì 12 agosto 2015

martedì 11 agosto 2015

giovedì 30 luglio 2015

Soooo in love with my @skinnydiplondon iPhone case!!!! 😍 choosing was seriously difficult cos they have so many cute one! 

sabato 18 luglio 2015

Going in shops just for the AC 💨 it's so freaking hot!!!!!! I hate summer 😤

venerdì 10 luglio 2015

giovedì 9 luglio 2015