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giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Book review: Jane by April Lindner

I know, I know,….it’s taking me more and more time to finish a book. Things have been crazy at work and I do admit that in my spare time I rather watch videos on youtube to get distracted :) so…. here I am!!! Well, Jane was a book I was eager to start since I got it. I love the cover with its pink title, so cute. The story is nice, light, definitely an easy read. I felt for the main character, Jane, a simple and ordinary girl any of us could identify with. I admired her: she’s strong, she has good values, she never compromises and all she ever wants is to be loved. In my opinion Ms. Lindner is a good writer, the pages flow easily and the reader is quickly captivated. There were some parts, though, that I didn’t quite like: I thought that the ‘falling in love’ part was too rushed, too surreal. Ok it’s fiction, but having a rockstar and a nanny madly fall in love with each other after only 3 days was a bit too much!!!!!!!!!! Besides that, the rest of the story was ok. As I said it was a light reading, so don’t expect much depth or introspection. I rate Jane 3/5 and will definitely read other books by this author. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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