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lunedì 22 agosto 2011


This was my first time doing some sort of 'nail art'---and I'm sooo happy with the result! 
I've always been the 'one color' type of gal but when I descovered this whole Crakle nail varnish collection by OPI I just jumped right to it thinking....'how difficult could it be?'. 
Being my first time I think I did a pretty good job, you think?!




Ciao ragazze! Che ne pensate della mia prima esperienza con il 'nail art fai da te'??!! Devo dire che questo smalto OPI Crackle in nero rende tutto più facile per chi, come me, ha voglia di un cambiamento sulle unghie senza troppo impegno!!! 

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  1. thank you for your lovely comment in my blog! and I love it that you are my new reader :)