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martedì 6 settembre 2011


Hi gals! August was definitely a testing month, and by that I mean a month in which I tried out a bunch of new products, most of which I bought in NYC. 


---> As far as makeup goes I’ve been loving MAC’s Face&Body Foundation. After an initial shock, I kind of got use to it’s very very VERY light texture and coverage. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t require much work…just what you need when you’re putting on makeup at 6:30 AM! I’ve also been loving Garnier’s Caffeine Roll-On for my under eye area and Victoria’s Secret eyeshadow in Private Beach. Everything very easy-going-slap-and-go stuff! 

---> I have been ADORING my electrical brushes, …and by that I mean my electrical Oral-B toothbrush and my Clarisonic :) call me lazy, but these babies have made my life sooo much easier and my teeth and face have been cleaner than ever! 

---> Jimmy Choo perfume…. SOOO GOOD!!! I received it as a birthday present in May and have been using it almost everyday. It’s a floral-fruity scent, very summery and fresh. And addicting!
---> Took me a month to read it but I finished it last weekend and I liked it A LOT!!! Hex Hall was a fun and light read. It reminded me of the ‘witch version’ of Mean Girls…awesome!!! 


---> Sorry to say this, but I have been HATING MAC’s travel size makeup wipe removers. What a disappointment!!!!!!!!!!! The wipes are small and almost dry. I don’t like the way they feel on my skin, they don’t ‘glide smoothly’. I really hope the travel size wipes differ from the original size because I do remember loving those ones… 

---> NARS Illuminator. Got it in the colour Super Orgasm, used it once…and didn’t like what I saw!!!!!!!!! Maybe I’m not using it correctly, but it doesn’t look good at all: no pigmentation, just a shine on the cheeks that doesn’t even look pretty.

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  1. Wow! I'm surprised MAC hasn't fixed the travel wipe things yet! I hope you find a better one ;)

    Missing Amsie Blog

  2. Hey! Yeah I hope the regular ones are better!!!!