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mercoledì 20 aprile 2011


First of all: I liked this book A LOT and will definitely continue the series. At first I rated it 4/5, but then I thought about the few aspects I didn’t like about the story so I changed my rating to 3,5/5. So…what did I not like about the book?! Firstly I did not like the author’s decision of mixing fey elements in the real world----I thought it was kinda confusing!!! In my opinion it would have been better to have a clear separation between the two dimensions in order to emphasis more the difference, the magic of the Nevernever. Putting faeries and spirits in the real world appeared too surreal even for a fantasy novel. Secondly, ….what about that first kiss between Morgan and Prince Ash???!!! Do we wanna talk about it????!!!! I mean, seriously, having your first kiss just after being attacked by a dragon, while the dragon is temporarily blocked in ice and could set free any second…is…just…absurd. Disappointing. Last but not least, King Machina sitting on his throne, powerful, surrounded by his knights, with…a bluetooth in his ear???!!! SERIOUSLY???!!!! Who’s his phone provider? Does he have a blackberry or an iphone???!!! Come on, I thought that was such a low point that ruined the tension and suspance of the moment. ANYWAY besides these “minor” dislikes I really enjoyed reading the first book of The Fey Series: I think Julie Kagawa did a great job in creating some great characters like Puck, Oberion, Machina. I looooved the whole concept of summer vs winter, the Seelie and Unseelie Courts and all the other fey creatures of Nevernever. Also, I liked the fact that the title of the book is actually the ‘bad guy’ because through out the story I was continuously asking myself who this Iron King was. So,…what do you think of this book? Were there aspects you didn’t like? Please comment!!! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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