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lunedì 13 marzo 2017

Babe...it's still cold outside



Highlights of the weekend when I almost froze to death just for the sake of wearing my new Balmain blazer and show it off on Instagram. Being totally honest here!
On my defense we have to say that March is the season of "how do I dress?!" and when I woke up that morning and saw the sun ☀️ I got super excited because 1) I finally got the chance to wear sunglasses after months and 2) I could pull off not wearing a coat. 
Still, I have to remind myself that technically we are still in winter... but I have to say that I really enjoyed wearing my new blazer, it's fabulous and just putting it on makes me feel super glam! If you want to hear me ramble on and on about this new naughty purchase and a few others then look out for my new haul video coming soon ☺️

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