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domenica 27 gennaio 2013


Hello my lovely pink ladies!!!! ❤
I know, I know....long time no write!!!!!!!!! 
About a year ago I started making videos on youtube and I must say it’s been real fun :) let’s face it: chatting is way easier than writing!!! When I uploaded my first video I must admit I was terrified---- I was afraid of negative feedback. But hey, so far so good! I’ve been really lucky: lovely comments, lovely subscribers and lots of support and encouragement. If any of you out there are thinking of starting a youtube channel definitely go for it, don’t be shy, don’t think too much, just...do it!!! 

In the past year I’ve posted all my videos on my blogs but, I have to say, I missed writing! I never thought I would, but I have!!! So here I am, one year later, getting back into proper blogging mode :D this doesn’t mean I won’t be filming anymore (geez it’s too much fun to give up!)--- I’ll just TRY to do both. There are some topics that are just better blogged about than filmed. 
SO...I hope to post at least once a week and, if you are subscribed to my youtube channel, look forward to a ‘What’s In My Makeup Bag’ video coming up very soon!

❤Lara ❤ 

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