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martedì 29 gennaio 2013


“You need to drink more water!” How many times have we heard this phrase?! I know I have....many many times! Especially when I was a teenager :) Honestly I think I’m pretty good at the whole drink-more-water thing even though I definitely do not drink 2 liters of water daily....come on, seriously, who does????!!!! I mean, I could if I wanted to but...I’d have to take a trip to the ladies room every 20mins! 
I tend to drink lots of water when I’m at work, especially in the winter season when the fully blast heating dries the air and I reach for water continuously. 
Nevertheless, I hate carrying a water bottle in my bag. HATE! It’s heavy, making by bag (already full of junk!) weigh a ton---- yeah, #princessprobz! And I’m always afraid it may start leaking---- with the risk of ruining my iphone/ipad and all the rest. 
SO, I recently purchased this water bottle:

Here’s the product description from Amazon:
Here's how to make tap water tasty, be stylin', save money and take care of this big, blue marble in space we call Earth.

First of all, the Bobble's activated carbon filter removes chlorine and organic contaminants from potable/tap water. Each filter is good for about 40 gallons or 150 litres of water, which is about two months of usage on average.

Let's be super optimistic and say that one can get a litre of bottled water for $1 (yeah... right). Here's $150 worth of bottled water. How much is the Bobble being sold for? All of this translates to big savings, depending on which label generally adorns the bottled water one is buying.

Speaking of labels, the Bobble has none, and that's where the stylin' thing comes in. There's no obvious and sometimes annoying branding. Funky simplicity is the name of the game here. Plus, the Bobble is just starting to get a lot of press, so the bandwagon isn't crowded. Yet.

As far as going gently on the planet goes, the Bobble is not only made from recycled plastic, but it is recyclable, too. Any idea where all those other discarded water bottles go or how long it takes them to break down? The answers: all over the place and a really, really long time (about 1,000 years or when our descendants will finally be wearing the mylar jumpsuits and using those jetpacks that have been promised for the last 50 years... which they'll need to hover above the planet of empty bottles).

It’s so convenient and practical, I leave it on my working desk and every morning, when I arrive at the office, I fill it up either at the water dispenser or sometimes even at the sink in the rest room. Before the Bobble water bottle came around I never, NEVER, drank water that didn’t come in a sealed, sterilized bottle---- just the thought of drinking tap water made me sick!!! But with the Bobble water bottle I’ve had no problems what so ever thanks to the built-in filter. Now, surely you’ll be wondering: does it really filter the water? I honestly think it does cos I’ve had no trouble what so ever----- and after months of drinking water from it I would have noticed if something wasn’t right. 

And that was my mini rave of my new discovery :) I really wanted to share it with you ladies because we all know the benefits of water, and sometimes it helps to drink more if we just had a water bottle right in front of us through out the day!!!     


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