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venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

Lara ha condiviso una foto di Instagram con te


Lara ha appena condiviso una foto di Instagram con te:

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"Day 2 of the #designerluxurychallenge (sorry I skipped yesterday!). Another favorite accessory of mine is the LV Insolite wallet. Used her for one year straight. Sat aside for a couple of days in which I used the AW Prisma Skeletal wallet- hated it 😫 and went back to my Insolite with extreme joy!!!!!! She's very spacious and user-friendly. And she's PINK!!! Need I say more?! 💞 (Btw I'm selling the AW wallet on Depop, my handle is LaraDL in you're interested!). #louisvuitton #insolitewallet "

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