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domenica 13 ottobre 2013


Ok so something unbelievable has happened: I’ve been using the same makeup products over and over for the past three weeks! If you’ve been following me for a while you must know by now that I change my makeup routine every day, every-single-day. In fact, I shouldn’t even call it ‘makeup routine’ because I don’t have one!
After watching Andrea’s latest favorites video I decided to buy Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation and concealer. I have a thing for new foundations and concealers- I just have to try them! Well turns out…I love them! The foundation is a sheer to medium coverage, slightly on the shiny side. If you have extremely oily skin I doubt it will work for you.

I have combination oily skin and after applying the Fit Me foundation and concealer (I got them in the color 220) I use Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder with my super-duper-large Sephora brush (love!) to powder my whole face in order to set everything and mattify. I’m usually not a fan of the whole setting-powder thing, I feel that it makes my face look flat and dull, but with the Fit Me foundation I must use some sort of powder or else my face is waaaay too shiny. No bueno!
After that my favorite part of the process: blush! 

I recently changed the arrangement of some makeup items in my clear cube and now I have a full view of all my blushes (not that I have that many) and everything’s more easy access. My current favorite blush is Benefit’s Bella Bamba. Every time I apply it I think ‘gosh this blush is fabulous!’. Since I mattify my face, I feel the need to put back some light and shine so Bella Bamba all the way! If like me you love super shimmery blushes then Bella Bamba by Benefit is a must have.
So after the face, on to the eyes.

I haven’t been playing much with eyeshadows recently, I just pick eyeliner, mascara and I’m done. I do however go for a very strong, heavy eyeliner since it’s the only thing I apply on my eyes. Big long flick. Very cat-eye. And you know what? Since I wear glasses at work I pull it off great. If like me you wear glasses and you feel that your eye makeup look gets lost under those glasses than try going heavier on the eyeliner front (top & bottom lash line)- it helps to draw back attention to your eyes. I’ve been using Lancome’s Art Liner for the longest time and to this day I swear by it, it’s amazing. BUT when I went on holiday to Kuala Lumpur this summer I bought a couple of eyeliner pens at Sasa and OMG, they are The Bomb. So easy to apply. So precise. I love the fact that you just remove the cap and start using it, without having to dip the applicator tip in the pot for more product!!! LOVE. After that I cake on mascara (Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Flex mascara, not a fan) and....on to the lips! 

I think the whole reason why I’ve been using just eyeliner on the eyes is because it gives me more chances to play with lipstick! Bold lips, this has been my motto recently. Whether it’s bright red, hot pink, deep purple I have been ENJOYING makeup looks with strong lip colors. I try to pick more matt or velvet formulas so that I have lipstick on for longer hours. 
So that’s that! It’s really nice to have a makeup routine, one that actually works! When applying makeup early morning I don’t have to think of what to pick, I go on auto-pilot and it takes less time to have my face ready for the world!!!


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