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mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013


Hello my pink ladies!
Just a quick post to share with you my favorite lip combo of the past month. 
Every time, every-single-time, I apply these two products I say to myself “OMG this lip pencil and lipstick is a match made in heaven”!!! 
I’m talking about Dior’s lip pencil in Candy Rose and YSL’s Rouge Pure Shine lipstick #10:

I’ve had the YSL lipstick for about a year now and I’ve always carried it in my bag because I find it to be a very ‘easy’ lipstick---- I can apply it without a mirror since it is extremely glossy and not highly pigment (which sometimes is a good thing).
I discovered Dior’s Candy Rose lip pencil from LisaLisaD1 who is a guru when it comes to lip products and I’m so pleased I bought it because it’s an extremely versatile lip pencil: I use it with my reds, pinks, fuchsias... It’s great!!!  


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