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mercoledì 15 giugno 2011


Reading City Of Bones took me more than I had expected. Not because I didn’t like it,…it’s just that I’ve been busy with work and other stuff. I rated this book 3/5 because I inevitably compared it to the (only) other book I read by Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel, which I loved. If I had to describe City Of Bones in one word I’d say it’s promising: like all first books of a series we get to know the characters, we discover the world in which the story takes place,…not a lot of action in the beginning (I thought some parts were slow and boring) but towards the end the adrenaline definitely kicks in. I’m looking forward to reading City Of Ashes because I’m curious to find out how the plot evolves! I want get to know the characters better, I’m totally fascinated by ‘the bad guy’ and am curious to see what he comes out with, …hmmm I can already tell that The Mortal Instruments series is gonna be GOOD!!!! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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